My Dung - Minh mai ben nhau (04:23)
    The Men - Dung Gian Anh Nua (04:48)
    Nile - Hittite Dung Incantation (03:48)
    CHARLY BLACK - DIP N GO DUNG [alfik] (03:06)
    Minh Hang - Tha Nguoi Dung Den (05:57)
    OneVn [Upload By Dung_75] - Mika - Relax Take It Easy 2011 (DJ Solovey Club Mix) (05:08)
    Elephant Man and Lady Saw - Si dung pon it - Elephant Man and Lady Saw - Si dung pon it (03:22)
    Kung-fu Basketbal - Kung fu dung (Фильм Баскетбол в стиле Кун-фу) (02:14)
    Philemon Arthur And The Dung - Inn Kommer Gsta (03:00)
    Son Tung M-TP - Dung Ve Tre RnB Version (04:27)
    TMT ft Yanbi - Em Dung Om Nhe (03:33)
    Cheon Dung (MBLAQ) - Monster (03:33)
    Luong Bich Huu - Dung Gap Hom Nay Anh Nhe (04:26)
    Неизвестен - traditional for dung chen and gyang ling (04:54)
    Kaizers Orchestra - Philemon Arthur & the Dung (03:22)
    Son Tung M-TP - Em Dung Di (04:12)
    Charly Black - Bubble Dung (Edit) [New Music - vknomuzlife] (02:19)
    Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother Fathers ShoutBreast MilkyMother ForeFunky DungMind Your Throats PleaseRemergence (23:45)
    IndYana - DUNG (Original Mix) [Electro House] [2014] [public27380885] (04:47)
    Dirty Bitch Dung - Bay Bay (Dj Одинокий) Смешная Версия (02:35)
    Minh Vuong M4U - Dung Lam Anh Dau (04:43)
    Dirty Bitch Dung and Two Night`s - Dirty Night (03:14)
    Joseph Heinz - busts of dictators are covered with a dung of young birds (08:12)
    Chi Dan - Dung Hanh Phuc Em Nhe (04:08)
    Phuong Dung - Khuc Hat An Tinh (04:41)
    Mr Vegas - Bruk It Dung (DCUP Remix) (03:46)
    Son Tung M-TP - Dung Ve Tre Acoustic Version (04:24)
    IU [] feat. Cheon Dung (MBLAQ) - Merry Christmas (04:28)
    John Powell - Who Will Join Me on the Dung Heap OST Ледниковый период 2 Глобальное потепление (00:44)
    Minh Thu - Bong Dung Muon Khoc (03:51)

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